Hydraulic Press for gluing wooden elements

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Hydraulic Press for gluing wooden elements

The described machine is designed for gluing wooden elements cut according to thickness under high pressure exerted by hydraulic actuators. A Range of attained pressing force per one actuator is 25-55kN.
According to our business model, we produce other configurations of pressing actuator control depending on the required parameters like lengths, width or height.

The main advantages of our hydraulic press are:

(1) A unique loading and levelling system. Hydraulically opened press arms rise to the sides so loading is very easy and fast.
(2) High-pressure parameters.
(3) Light and sound signalling.
(4) Possibility to control the pressure measurement during glueing wood elements confirmed by a control printout.

Below attached the example of technical parameters:

  1. External dimensions: (length/width/height) 6000/1700/2900/ mm;
  2. Loading field dimension (length/width/ height) 6000/240/1200 mm;
  3. Appliance mass: 4000 kg;
  4. Amount of actuators: 12;
  5. Distance of actuators: per 500 mm each;
  6. Jump of actuators : 200 mm;
  7. Force per one actuator: 25-55 kN;
  8. Installed power: 5 kW;
  9. Electric supply: 3/N/PE 400 V 50Hz;

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