Four Side Hydraulic Rotary Composer

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A four-bed and rotational hydraulic press is designed to bond glulam components. The machine compresses at one working field in two planes: horizontal and vertical. However, the side pressure is used only to align the feed. It is the operator that manages manually the whole gluing process by properly handling the distributor levers and switching pumps.

The rotational press provides a continuous operation – after feeding a material batch onto one bed, we can put subsequent batches on other beds, thereby carrying out the whole gluing process without downtimes. Thanks to this solution, the output of the press reaches 20 cubic metres per shift.

The main advantages of our press include:

  • It is fitted with two hydraulic pumps: a priming pump and auxiliary pump, that retains a constant pressure during the gluing process,
  • The hydraulic pressure is adjusted separately at each bed,
  • Robust construction that guarantees a failure-free operation,
  • Visual and audible alarms,
  • Easy to operate.

Machines supplied by JUWAL are made to order, therefore process dimensions are adjusted to customer needs.

Examples of process dimensions:

Maximum length of glued item – 6000 mm

Maximum width of glued item – 160 mm

Maximum thickness of glued item – 1100 mm

Output up to 20 cubic metres per shift

We would like our rotational hydraulic press to be operated as per the intended use, therefore trainings for operating personnel are mandatory. It makes it possible to improve safety level, and additionally helps extend the press life.

We encourage you to check out the gallery presented below and contact us. We will be pleased to answer all your questions concerning the hydraulic timber press.